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The UK's most comprehensive FREE tax calculator app

The website condensed into a full featured and easy to use iPhone/iPad/iPod app!

Check tax on any income source, compare salaries and much more!

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Parcel Dogs Game For iOS

This 'top-down' racing game involves the player taking the role of Jim, our Speedy Parcel delivery dog. Now Jim has to go around his picking up parcels with the help of his map but has a hard time of it thanks to his nemesis Crazy Dave.
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The UK's most comprehensive FREE online tax calculator suite

The Tax Calculator provides a full breakdown of tax for PAYE, CIS or Self Employed individuals providing options for Pension Calculations, Tax Codes, NIC Letters, Bonuses, Salary Sacrifice Schemes and more.

For people with multiple income sources, the UK Tax Calculators Wizard calculates every UK tax across all incomes in the same manner a tax return would.

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The first truly easy to use, free online budget planner

There has never been an easier way to forecast your finances in less 5 minutes!

The budget calculator takes all your income details, across any type of income, calculates the taxes due, subtracts your expenses (both from extensive presets to your own defined expenses). You are presented with an online forecast, comparisons with other users with similar households as well as a printable report version to use as income and expenses chart.

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Full featured online mortgage and loan calculators

You can use this website to calculate mortgage payments, forecast future interest rate effects, calculate remaining balances, check debt consolidation options, plan your savings, plan your pension as well as plan for your future house purchase. A lot of planning made easy!

The blog gives you information and opinion on the current housing markets and impacting factors.

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Ever wanted to know where the UK Government has been spending YOUR tax payments?

The website takes your gross income since 2003, calculates your taxes (PAYE only), and uses the Governments expenditure data to give you an approximation of how much of your actual payments were spent where.

The personalised aspect of this website is a unique use of Government data.

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Online Tax Return Specialists

TaxPenny are the online tax return completion specialist, offering a professional tax service with all the benefits of your local accountant at a fraction of the cost.

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Free UK Tax Calculation API

UK Tax Calculation Web Service

This API allows other developers to access a fully updated, easily queryable tax calculator to integrate within their own applications.

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27/01/15 19:37:10

Using Cloud-based Load Balancing To Horizontally Scale Effectively

In this quick guide, we will go through what is required to convert an existing singular LAMP setup to a horizontally distributed network of servers sitting behind a Load Balancer. This guide will utilise a number of services from Rackspace Cloud.

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19/12/14 11:13:49

Creating Servers For Load Balancing

In this step-by-step guide we create the underlying server structure required for successful load balancing.

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14/09/14 14:40:59

Creating a Shared Memcached Cloud Instance

Key-value memory based storage can be a significant performance boost, as well as load reducer, for database heavy websites. Follow our step-by-step guide to setting one up using the Memcached application.

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27/06/14 12:12:01

Copying Data Across From Existing MySQL Databases to a Cloud Database

Now that you have created a database in the cloud, how do you get it populated as quickly as possible. Follow our step-by-step guide.

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27/03/14 13:14:05

Converting a Single Node MySQL Application to a Cloud Databases Instance

Switching from an existing single database application to a database in the cloud requires two steps. First is to actually create the cloud database instance. The second is to migrate your existing data across. We describe the steps required.

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